Windows 8.1 Tip – Boot to Desktop

When Windows 8.1 boots up it goes directly to the Windows Start page, showing the tiles. This may not be productive for you. A simple change can be made to go directly to the desktop. Follow the steps below and … Read More

Windows 8.1 Tip – Start Page

Remember the old START button, in the lower left corner, we all have been used to clicking for years… well Microsoft decided to improve it. Since Windows 8 the Windows Start page is the start button in full view. Just … Read More

Using Strong Passwords

Common sense tells us that we should, but reality holds us far from that. The passwords we used are common names of pets, places or other memorable references that draw meaning to us. Often these passwords are slightly skewed, backwards, … Read More

A Primer on the Android Operating System

Authored by Ken Schneider Android phones are quickly becoming the wave of the future. An Android phone does not merely mean talking and text messaging. The platform is powerful and capable of doing things just as if you were using … Read More