Managed Protection xE

Naturally anyone can perform routine clean-up tasks like defragmentation and emptying cookies, however more complex tasks of optimizing system performance, assessing security and applying necessary protection measures against threats require specialized software and unique knowledge.

Managed Protection is a multi-layered cyber security suite available for mobile, workstation and server platforms. Originally intended for corporate and enterprise environments, each platform is designed with rich features that compliment the strengths and abilities of the device and its user. 

Managed Protection is a low-tech experience for users.

Enhances System Security
Automated Error Fix Resolution
System Health Monitoring
Web, Malware and Antivirus Protection
Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
Offsite Data Backup

Need More Security?

Enhanced (xE) Manage Protection!

xE Managed Protection

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xE Managed Protection

Extensive Security

A huge market exists for stolen personal user data collected from compromised companies, websites and personal computers – identities taken for financial gain. As a result, heightened security measures are necessary to stop threats seeking out vulnerabilities on personal devices.

Managed Protection adds multi-layers of protection on devices, securing and maintaining performance in real-time. Every action is logged, assessed and responded to.

Security measures protect the system and users daily activities. Browse the internet, download files and access email with confidence of multi-layered protection. 

Stellar Data Protection

Personal data is the single most critical and valuable bit of information on any device. It tells a story that in the wrong hands could open doors to personal finances, medical, and legal information  resulting in loss or harm.

Managed Protection protects personal data on multiple levels, from clean-up of “breadcrumbs” the user leaves behind to securing important files and folders in a private cloud.

Clean-up and recovery has never been so effortless and practical.

Essential System Management

Continuous checks and balances are necessary and essential to achieve optimal performance, security and protection. In a nutshell these three make up system management, the heart and soul of any system, which dictates the overall experience a user has.

Too much of any one thing, or the wrong thing, bogs down and cripples the systems capabilities.

Manage Protection is the perfect blend of regular upkeep and oversight.


Endless features to choose from

  • Antivirus/Malware Protection
  • Internet/Web Protection
  • Automated Daily Maintenance Tasks
  • Automated System Administration
  • Network Path Analysis and  Monitoring
  • Local Network/Wireless Monitoring
  • Hardware/Software Asset Management
  • Documents Cloud Backup
  • Professional Personal Data Backup
  • System Risk Assessments
  • Data Breach Scans
  • PCI Scans
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Website/Content Filtering
  • Hourly System Health Checks
  • Daily System Checks
  • Personal Take Control Access
  • Support Center Take Control
  • Weekly/Executive Reporting
  • And more… detailed list

Have a smartphone?

Managed Protection for you too!

Managed Protection for Mobile

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Managed Protection for Mobile
Managed Protection
Managed Protection
Managed Protection