PassPortal 2FA Required

MyITAssistant rolls out new security measures and requirements for PassPortal. All subscribers to PassPortal services are required to turn on 2FA using App Authentication by May 10, 2021. … Read More

TechTalk - 2FA Note All Equal

Not All 2FA Is Equal

Passwords are no longer strong enough to keep cybercriminals and other bad elements away. More security practices are essential and quickly becoming a common practice. If you have not been exposed to 2FA, then it is critical to jump on board. … Read More

Tech Talk - Identity Theft

Is Your Identity Safe

It is no surprise that identity theft is something we should all be concerned with. But did you know that last year’s identity theft numbers increased to more than 650%, and is expected at easily double again next year. … Read More

Shhh… PaSsW0rdz

It’s something we all have and deal with on a daily basis – passwords. We use passwords for just about everything these days – financial, medical, utilities, email, and list goes on and on. The purpose of a password is … Read More