Tech Talk Productivity Tools

2 Windows 10 Tools You Might Find Worth Using

There are two productivity tools every Windows 10 user should be aware of and benefit from – Snip & Sketch and Nearby Sharing. These are both simple to use and easy to understand. … Read More

Tech Talk Fake Threats

Exposing Fake Threats – Warnings, Alerts, and Resolve

The news of being compromised shatters the soul. By instinct, we react with an emotional connection to what is being perceived. Regardless of how true or untrue it may be, our emotional reaction is something that was orchestrated. … Read More

Tech Talk In Search Of

Guidance Buying Computers – Narrow Down The Search 2021

Purchasing new computers can be overwhelming. Technical jargon, brands, options, and sales pitches are often confusing and contradictive. Before embarking on a shopping spree take a moment to understand what you need before you buy. … Read More

Tech Talk - Top 5 Email Tips for 2021

Digital Awareness – Top 5 Email Tips for 2021

The era of awakening and awareness of our digital lives is unfolding. More and more of our clients are asking the right questions and taking action to protect themselves. They have discovered that their identities are a valuable commodity, and when taken creates havoc.

Email is a great place to start protecting your digital life. Here are our top 5 email awareness tips. … Read More