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Free Trial Terms and Conditions

From time to time and at our sole discretion, we may offer you the opportunity to try a new product or service for free for a limited time. Before the end of the Trial Program, you must decide whether you would like to continue using the new feature. If you purchase the trialed product or service, it will be added to your monthly invoice and billed automatically until you choose to remove the product or service or cancel your Subscription. If you do not purchase the product or service by the end of the Trial Program, you will not be billed for it (normal Subscription rates will apply), and that feature will no longer be available to you. Any installed software required by the product or service will automatically be removed, and require a reboot of the system.
You agree to comply with any additional terms, restrictions, or limitations connected to any Trial Program. You may not sign up for multiple Accounts in order to receive additional Trial Program benefits. We may terminate or suspend a Trial Program at anytime without notice or liability, and in our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to adjust pricing related to any service or product offered through a Trial Program. We are not responsible or liable for any adverse impact caused by or connected with a Trial Program.
Last Updated 10/4/2018