Mobile App Clarity

Mobile App Clarity

Be cautious of apps – not all are what they seem or are created equal. The purpose of an app is to create opportunities that extended services, promote opportunities, and ultimately generate income. To better understand apps is the realization that it costs money to develop and maintain an app. Point taken here is not free to develop.

I recommend going with a paid app than one for free. Paid apps are less likely to take advantage of you as they recoup their costs from direct payment. Free apps need to find a way to generate income to offset expenses. These apps can generate income by luring you into paying for an upgrade, resell information gathered from your device, or create access to your device. Downloading a free app can be like walking across a minefield – you never know what’s going to happen.

Stay away from un-popular apps and those with bad ratings. Always take a moment to read the comments people post about the app. Better to let others investigate the app first.

Entertainment apps like games are generally safe as they generate income through upgrades and add-on features. Be prepare to be bombarded and strategically forced to make purchases to succeed in the game.

For security reasons, I recommend sticking with apps that companies reside within your country. Know who you are supporting, conducting business with, and possibly communicating with. A quick reminder that apps will have access privileges to your mobile device and its information.

Managing your mobile apps is just as important as being selective to the ones you decide to use. Apps that are not used or infrequently used are better off removed, they can always be reinstalled if needed. The goal is to minimize access to your mobile device and maximize security, performance, and space.

Bottom line be selective and take control. Don’t be afraid of passing up an app just because a friend of yours suggests it. Do your research. Ask yourself how it’s generating money. Be selective before giving companies access to your data (pictures, emails, texts, location, and camera). Keep your apps under control by keeping the ones you use, knowing others can download anytime if needed.

The Top 4

The top 4 types of mobile apps used weather, location, social media, and banking.

  • Weather conditions are something everyone looks for on mobile devices. Most apps of this nature cover 7-day and 10-day predictions. They provide essential insights into driving conditions, apparel wear, outdoor activities, and so many other things we do regularly.
  • Locating objects and places have made it more convenient for us to find things. These types of apps provide details to GPS coordinates the objects reside at. Most commonly used locating apps are driving directions, stores, restaurants, and locating devices like phones, people, and cars.
  • Social media has become an essential role for events and popularity. The thirst to post information has become engraved in our human behavior. Social apps are broken-down into targeted platforms covering business, community, entertainment, and communications.
  • Keeping appraised of our finances is critical for managing money, stocks, and other assets. These types of apps provide oversight and access to administer. These provide quick and simple access for the user from their phone.

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