Tech Talk - Identity Theft

Is Your Identity Safe

It is no surprise that identity theft is something we should all be concerned with. But did you know that last year’s identity theft numbers increased to more than 650%, and is expected at easily double again next year. … Read More

Dust Bunnies

Routine computer maintenance is a great thing that is often overlooked. Dust accumulates inside your computer every moment, of everyday that it is running – it sucks it in through vents and fans. Overtime the dust thickens and clogs airway, restricting the computer from cooling itself down. … Read More

Windows 8.1 Tip – Boot to Desktop

When Windows 8.1 boots up it goes directly to the Windows Start page, showing the tiles. This may not be productive for you. A simple change can be made to go directly to the desktop. Follow the steps below and … Read More

Windows 8.1 Tip – Start Page

Remember the old START button, in the lower left corner, we all have been used to clicking for years… well Microsoft decided to improve it. Since Windows 8 the Windows Start page is the start button in full view. Just … Read More